When The Boy Next Door Turns Out to Be the Man of Your Dreams, and Calling a Special Firefighter Hot Line

Fellow Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada member Donna Alward has a new release: 

"What do you do when the boy next door turns out to be the only man you’ve ever loved? 

When her sister is badly injured, Molly Schaeffer rushes home to look after her niece, Sara. Discovering that her ex, Jason, is living next door makes the task nearly impossible. Six years ago he’d had their lives all mapped out – where they’d go to school, the house, the number of kids they’d have – but Molly refused his ring and broke off the relationship to pursue her own dreams. 

The last thing Jason expects is to have feelings for the woman who broke his heart so completely when she chose her career over a life together, but clearly things weren't as over as they thought. She’s only home for a few weeks and they both know she’s going back to her successful career. Still, neither manage to keep their distance as old sparks ignite a new flame. Can they learn from past mistakes and give their love a second chance, or is this goodbye for good?" -- Donna Alward 

~~~                                                                                                                                      ~~~

Another fellow Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada member Cathryn Fox also has a new release:

Siren, Book 2 in her Firefighter Heat series

"Burning up inside? Feeling that fire down below? 
Call The Hot Line... 
It's The Hot Line, an on-call service that dispatches totally authentic, fully equipped firemen to explore the secret fantasies of women in need. What an irresistible dare for three best friends feeling the heat...

The Siren has sounded and shy lingerie designer Jenna Powers is finally ready for a real man to tamp her desires, break through her inhibitions, and show her the naughty side of love. Enter Dean Beckman—again and again." -- Cathryn Fox


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