2nd Annual RI Author Expo

From the writing desk of Christine Mazurk

I attended the 2nd Annual RI Author Expo on Saturday, November 8th. There were 103 authors, I was one of them, signing and selling our books in West Warwick. Thanks #ARIA for putting such a fabulous event together. Sitting at the table to my right was Jeanine Duval Spikes, one of my SOS. Across from us were the other two Sisters Of Spirit, Annette Blair and Lynn Jenssen!

We had a blast pitching Sisters Of Spirit, the anthology we wrote together for Lachesis Publishing, as well as our own titles as people strolled up to check out our tables. It was awesome to engage the other authors and the multitude of readers browsing the large gymnasium. Many were amazed that the four of us wrote a book together the way we did, weaving each of the characters into our own story and wrapping up all four story arcs in the last one, Moving Pictures by Annette Blair.

As we answered questions, one finishing a sentence another started, the audience laughed. One of us said, "Our writing flowed just like this." Several asked if we planned to write a second SOS, and we answered that we discussed the concept and plot ideas at dinner the night before. Currently, we are all working on independent projects, but we feel the stories for SOS II will unfold one day.

I had a few of my Ironman medals on my table near Passion's Race, which drew a lot of attention. Nestled between the New Zealand and Louisville medals was my 20th Anniversary Disney World Marathon medal. It's so cool, because the two middle pieces spin, the small center revealing a black and white Mickey Mouse from years ago and a colorful more updated one on the other side. The one that frames Mickey spins showing the inaugural date of January 1994 and the 20th anniversary date of January 2013. (My husband and I ran both! We ran several in between too; 1997, 2005, 2006. and 2010.) The spinning medal caught the attention of the kids, which brought their parents over.

On the other end of the table I had two gorgeous mannequin hands with crystals hanging from the fingers. Guess which book those bordered? Yes, Mystical Connections! Those drew a different crowd, increasing the number of readers I spoke with.

The authors chatted, signed, and sold. We gave out bookmarks, pamphlets, and business cards. During the lulls, I got and gave many hugs, revisiting with my RIRW friends--many I hadn't seen in years. I had the good fortune of meeting my cover artist in person. She's a lovely woman who does an awesome job. If you are an author and need a captivating cover, check out www.stanzalonedesign.weebly.com. Lyn Stanzione is amazing.

At three o'clock, we packed up and headed out. Lynn and I celebrated the day with a cold glass of wine! Then later enjoyed a wonderful seafood dinner. After dinner, she and I spent a few hours working through plot problems for our current WIPs and I nailed down how Passion's Spirit will end. Ha. I'm almost there! Sign up for my newsletter through my website www.christinemazurk.com to get updates on Passion's Spirit release date.

The weekend went by too quickly, but I had a wonderful time... And I sold a ton of books! I plan to attend again next year. But for now, it's time to get back to work. I have a few loose ends to tie up before the final scene comes together. Until next time... Hugs!

Annette Blair, NY Times Bestselling author chatting with fans!! 


 Below: Jeanine Duval Spikes. Holding her adult novel The Heart Sees. And Lynn Jenssen waiting for another fan to approach.  


  1. What a great blog, Christine. It's almost like I was there.


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