Facebook's 2015 Fee Rollout For Author Pages

Writing coach Edie Melson shared this Facebook update over at her blog this week:

She outlines the planned rollout to charge fees for business pages that have previously been free of charge on Facebook. This not only affects brick and mortar retail stores, but authors and their author pages as well.

I imagine this will lead to an enormous outcry and backlash from the legions of authors who have been happily using the free service for the past several years -- myself included.

However, I want to put this out there.

I'm certain that many of you have paid for blog tours, spots on Book Bub, etc. when promoting your new releases.

Facebook has been a proven source of promotion for many years. They are now a publicly traded company and must generate profit.

Each author is also a little business that must generate profit. We've been happy to use Facebook for promo while it was free. Will we continue to do so once Facebook treats us like the businesses we are and charge for its service?

The marketplace will tell the tale.

Will authors abandon Facebook en masse and find another free source of promotion? Will authors pay for Facebook's author pages? Will we discover that paying for the exposure works for us? Will we pay the fee and discover it's a money pit?

Only 2015 will tell the tale.


  1. Nice post, Julia. There are times we must spend a little to earn a little... This is something to think about.


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