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From the Writing Desk of Christine Mazurk

STING. One of my favorite musicians. I've attended many of his concerts, including his 60th Birthday Bash three years ago at the Beacon Theatre in NY. Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Robert Downey Jr. and more helped celebrate his big day. We thought nothing would outshine that, but earlier this year we sat in row three of his concert with Paul Simon. The next morning we had a brief conversation with his lead guitar player, Dominic Miller!! What a thrill.

Now, he's on Broadway! His musical The Last Ship opened on October 26th, and he's sat in the back of the theatre every night to watch. But mixed reviews and loss of money have prompted him to take to the stage. He feels a need to "tow his ship" and save the day. As of last night, through January 10th, when he begins his European Tour with Paul Simon, Sting took over the role of Jackie White, replacing his long-time friend, Jimmy Nail, who will rejoin the cast when Sting goes on tour.

Will he draw the crowds? Will his performances save the show?

Read more details in the Blog post posted December 8th by Peter Marks from The Washington Post on  

It's a beautifully written post that captures the true soul of this rock-star, husband, father, grandfather, and leader of causes, most notably The Rainforest Foundation.

Learn more about this fascinating man, including the fact that he's preformed on Broadway before. He starred as Mack the Knife in a revival of The Threepenny Opera in 1989. Who knew? I knew he starred in movies, but I'm surprised to learn he played on Broadway.

                                                                            His music is currently playing in the background, helping my muse gear up for the day. I have only a few chapters left to finish Passion's Spirit. So, please check out the post while I get back to work.

Happy Holidays!!!   


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