A Bodyguard to Remember

He's a Keeper

"I loved a lot about this book but I adored Pru... And agent Merrick is - well - big sigh. Strong, stoic, handsome, and always there when Pru needs him." - Amazon Review

Some authors start with a plot, a setting, or an idea that they want to share with the world. I start with characters. While I'm developing the rest of the essentials for a novel, those characters live with me, like extended house guests. Like anyone else you live with, you learn ore about the than you ever intended.

For instance, although it isn't mentioned in A Bodyguard to Remember, Pru is not a morning person. She can't sleep in because she has to get her kids out the door, but she's not at her best until she's had coffee. Though always polite, I can tell she's holding a grumpasaurus at bay... especially when her kids won't get out of bed until the very last minute

Merrick, on the other hand, is so even tempered its scary. The more crazy things get, the calmer he is. I worry he's going to explode from tamped down emotion, but Pru assures me he let's it seep out when the crisis is over.

I'm going to miss them, now that they are out in the world. No doubt the place will fill up soon with another set of characters, but I enjoyed having them in my life while I told their story. I hope you'll enjoy them too.

Prudence Hartley has the same problems of every other single mom: getting her kids to school on time; juggling a gazillion errands while trying to get a full day’s work done; oh, don’t forget about dinner.

But everything is about to change for Pru when she finds a dead man in her house. Or a dead spy to be exact. Suddenly Pru’s problems become a tad more complicated and a lot more dangerous. 
When a federal agent named David Merrick shows up and whisks her and her kids into protective custody, Pru has so many questions running through her brain she doesn’t know where to begin. How is she going to keep her kids safe? What was the dead spy looking for in her house? Why are they after her now? Oh and there’s one more question . . . just a pesky, minor thing. Why does Merrick have to be so damn sexy and protective? 

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