Greeting the New Year With Intention

Happy New Year!

My mom, my husband and I enjoyed our own little New Year's Eve party in Mom's living room last night, filling the evening with intention as we counted down the final hours of 2014 and welcomed the coming year at the stroke of midnight.

We've been greeting Dec. 31st in this way for the past few years. I think that everyone subconsciously does the same by the way they set the tone for the year ahead. Did you go out to a well-attended party, shining with bling and looking your formal best? Did you seek out the promise of new discoveries by joining a gathering of party-goers and tasting new delights? Did you cozy up in your jammies at home to watch a movie or play games with your family? Did you surround yourself with all the things that make you feel homey and warm?

A few years ago, my husband and I spent the whole night partying at my brother-in-law's karaoke show in Toronto, with our flight home to Halifax only a few hours away on Jan. 1st.

The following year ended up being a milestone year for me, including my becoming a published author and directing my book trailer. One could say that filling our New Year's Eve with a more public celebration, doing something like singing to a club filled with revellers set the tone for the year ahead with the intention that my creative life was about to move from my private computer hard drive to a public sphere where readers could discover my story.

The following year, my mom and I reconstructed the New Year's Eve feast from my favorite Russian holiday film, Ironiya Sudby (The Irony of Fate) and then watched the movie together with my husband.

There's a long story attached to this rather magical New Year's Eve and the reconnection that took place the following year. In a nutshell, an old friend from Russia with whom we'd lost contact for thirty years suddenly resurfaced later in that new year, following that special Russian celebration.

You can read the whole story here: Reunited With Rashid

The following New Year's Eve, we celebrated with a friend and watched A Fish Called Wanda. This is what happened later that year:

So this year my mom, my husband and I all placed visual symbols in the living room of what we'd like to invite into our lives in the new year.

I will continue to meet each new year with intention and hope you will, too, if you aren't already doing so. It has filled me with wonder every time my intentions have flowered before my very eyes.


  1. Cool idea!

    I hung out with my best friend. We've been friends since high school and often spend New Year's Eve together. I do a tarot card reading for the year. Her's looks very bright for 2015. I hope it works out because she deserves it.

    1. That's a great way to spend New Year's Eve, Alison. I hope 2015 brings wonderful things to you, too!


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