Who Would My Dream Cast Be?

From the writing desk of Christine Mazurk 

Who would my dream cast be if one of my books was made into a movie?

That's an interesting, yet unfair question, because I think my readers should SEE each character based on the descriptions I use to paint a picture. Let's face it, we all imagine what characters look like when we read. I wouldn't want to rob my readers of their unique vision for each character.

Now, I hope that if I describe the hero as having thick, chestnut hair and dark green eyes, they don't envision Christina Aguilera. Hmm... Male. Thick dark hair. Forest green eyes. Yeah, not Christina! LOL. Just having a little fun with you.

I'll let you in on a secret though. I always have an inspiring picture of the lead male on my desk while I write. For example, when I wrote Passion's Race, I had a picture of Pierce Brosnan as 007 gazing at me from the left side of my computer. We all know Pierce has 'piercing' blue eyes, but I changed them to green, a color that better suited Nick Madison and his personality.

I watched every movie Mr. Brosnan ever starred in--The Thomas Crown Affair, more than a dozen times--to glean some of his mannerisms, facial expressions, as well as the inflections of his voice. I used some of these to describe Nick, although Nick managed to express some of his own very unique quirks.

For Mystical Connections, it was a gorgeous picture of Kevin Bacon, wearing an electric blue tee shirt on the cover of Breathe magazine. It was breathtaking, because the entire background was white. The only color; his eyes exactly matching the shirt and the title of the magazine! If you read about Aidan Scott, he's a far cry from Mr. Bacon, but he might possess a few of his idiosyncrasies. (I wish I could find the picture to share, sigh!)

Do I do the same for the lead woman? No. For some reason, they show up in my head, a made-up version of many females I know and see. At times, I utilize a hair style, or a facial expression, but most of my female characters know who they are and present themselves with confidence. I don't question them, trust me.  

Some of my favorite side characters leap off the page. Uri, the blocky German, in Passion's Race. He has such a fun personality, but he's a sweetheart and a gentleman  too. Lars, the blond-haired Elvis. Mike Dawson, Nick's best friend. (His story is next.) And Anya from Mystical Connections, who is currently standing in the corner of my office impatiently tapping her foot for me to start her story!

I have a world of awesome characters delving into the depth of relationships, health and

inspiration, and sometimes questioning Universal happenings. I love what I do!

I'd love to hear who YOU think should be the dream cast for any of my books? Feel free to leave a comment with who you envision as one or more of my characters...

Until next week. Hugs - Christine                


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