Passion's Spirit

From the writing desk of Christine Mazurk

"The heart of change is the change of heart."

Mike Dawson, the owner of Mike's Resort on Guam, hosts Team Fear US, an Ironman triathlon team, during their training months each year.

He's known as the island's surfer-dude playboy because he's sworn never to commit to a lasting relationship.

When the team shows up with their buttoned-up doctor, a lone-wolf runner extraordinaire, he vows to help her relax and learn what island life is all about.

Natalie Walsh doesn't trust him, yet he slowly breaks down her walls of defense.

She's pledged never to compete, but the team shows her that an athletic journey can be fulfilling.

The competition bug bites when she runs her first half-marathon, and she's ready to tackle a full marathon. As her relationship with Mike continues to heat up, she realizes she has some choices to make.

Will she give up life as she knows it to begin a new life with him? Or will never-commit Mike be the one to change everything?

Passion's Spirit, book 2 in the Passion's Series, will be available soon.
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