Do You Ever Wonder How You Can Support Your Favorite Authors?

From the Writing Desk of Christine Mazurk

Do you ever wonder how you can support your favorite authors? There are countless ways to show your support and love of their work. Here are a few ideas to think about:

1. Attend a book signing or Author Meet & Greet.

The St. Louis Authors
Just last Saturday, the St. Louis Public Library hosted the 8th Annual Author Shout Out. I was there with sixteen other local authors to share stories about our writing journey and why we are so passionate about our work. People wandered the room, chatting with the authors, asking about their books.Many bought a signed copy or two...

When asked about my journey, I responded that I believe the risks we take and the courage we display enriches our lives. I decided to walk away from a successful executive career to pursue the dream of becoming a published author. I knew it would not be easy. It took passion, determination, and discipline, but here I am today with three books currently available and number four near completion. I believe anyone can accomplish their dreams if they set their mind to it, work hard, and never give up.  

Through this gathering, my network of people who share a similar passion has grown, and I met a few new readers, who may become fans in the near future.

2. Write a review on or any other favorite retailer.

Share what you thought of the book you just read. What did you like about it? Did the writing draw you in and keep you hooked to the very last page? Did you fall in love with any of the characters? What did you enjoy about those characters? How about their story? Were there exciting twists that you didn't expect? What else struck you about the book?

Recently, this showed up on Facebook. A neighbor I had met over the Holidays posted:

Passion's Race: "It's been a long time since I finished a book in two days. I would have finished it in one had I started reading earlier... a pure pleasure and inspiration put into a story one will remember long after the last page is read! Good thing Passion's Spirit will be released soon!"

On, for Mystical Connections: One reader wrote; "A mysterious and gripping tale." Another; "Mystical Connections made a connection with my heart!" Still others: "Compelling and engaging!" "An engaging, emotional paranormal romance that you won't want to put down."

Reading these reviews makes my heart sing. It validates that I'm doing something I love to do and others are enjoying my work. Knowing that makes me work harder on the next story to continue surprising and entertaining my fans!

Talking to a few fans!! 
3. Share the title on

I've found several new authors that I now enjoy reading through Goodreads. Help others find new books to read, and help your favorite authors build their audience.

4. Post on Facebook or Tweet about a favorite.

It's simple, fast, and it shows your LOVE!!!

Who doesn't love to share? Take a minute to comment and tell me about the last wonderful book your read. I'm always looking for new voices to follow.

Until next time. Hugs - Christine.


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