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 A friend called me the other day to say she was having a garage sale in a few weeks, all proceeds going to "Pedal the Cause - A World without Cancer", a community fund raiser to support cancer research. An initiative of Barnes-Jewish Hospital that benefits the Siteman Cancer Center.

I had just cleaned out my office and had boxed up some "dust collectors". Items I would gladly hand over to her, but I then took a good look around and realized there were more objects I'd collected over the years that might sell quickly at a garage sale.

Did they hold sentimental value? No, but as I sorted through the various items, I realized they held treasured memories: where I was, who I was with when I bought that particular object.

Take for instance this pair of red slippers...

When we lived in Wisconsin, we would take one Sunday a month and drive to Ft. Atkinson with a small group of eclectic friends. We began the morning at a place called "I Love Funky's" - a unique gift shop with a peculiar, in a good way, bar downstairs. We'd have brunch, tasting a new exotic martini each time. My favorite of all time, the Black Voodoo, a delicious licorice tasting concoction made with black Sambuca.

After brunch, we would head upstairs and shop for crazy, one-of-a-kind pieces for our homes or for upcoming birthday and Christmas gifts. We never drove home empty handed.

On this one Sunday, I was searching for accent pieces to add to my office in our new condo. My writing space was in the loft overlooking the main room and I wanted RED as my accent color. We happened to be with two friends who at the time worked with John at Famous Footwear, so this pair of shoes called out to me! They've graced my office(s) for over twelve years. The memory of that morning will remain a part of me, making me smile. Knowing the memories will remain strong, allows me to let the shoes go. May they journey into someone else's life to create new memories for them.

After purchasing the red shoes, we went across the street to another unusual gift shop, Soap & Pepper. Our friend, Jeff, and I were drawn to a pair of stainless steel martini glasses. We both wondered, would they leave a metallic taste in your mouth? Because we voiced our question aloud, the sales woman approached and asked what type of martinis we drank, gin or vodka? Jeff and I answered as one, "Vodka".

She left us standing there and within minutes, returned from the back room with a chilled bottle of vodka and two clean stainless steel glasses. She proceeded to shake two perfectly measured vodka martinis so we could taste them and judge for ourselves if there was a metallic aftertaste. Talk about great customer service, right? Needless to say, we both walked out of that shop with a set of martini glasses, beautifully wrapped in the signature Soap & Pepper gift wrap. (Those glasses will not grace the tables at my friends garage sale!)

Do you have similar items in your house? Pick up a piece and see what floods to mind. Do you envision where you were? Who you were with? Was it a special outing or just a day out with friends? Let your imagination take you back and cherish that treasured memory!!


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