Vacation Days for the Muse

From the writing desk of Christine Mazurk

I've wrapped up book # 4, Passion's Spirit, and am ready to begin # 5, Mystical Moments, and since my husband and I already had a trip planned for last weekend, I told my muse to venture off, recharge, explore new territory, and we would get back to work this week.

Little did I know she would tag along!

While we were out on the motorcycle, exploring, she started to whisper in my ear. "Look at those magnificent colors." She was referring to the Southern Utah mountains surrounding the lake and golf course before us. The brilliant aqua-blue of the lake against the fiery red sand dunes. The emerald green lawns of the golf course nestled beneath the sienna sandstone mountains. The cornflower blue sky, a backdrop to the wispy white clouds that floated by.    

It jump started my imagination. How could I describe the amazing views with words that would bring everything to life for my readers? Would they be able to visualize Mother Nature's glorious creations? Words, ideas, descriptions began forming in my head, and I mentally wrote them down for future use.

Later that afternoon, I spotted a lone house up on a hill, the sun spotlighting it as if it were the main star of the show. It made me wonder; who lives there? What if it was a single female? Had she ever been married? Was she divorced? Widowed? How old was she? What had she experienced in life?

Not far from that house, we found a trail that led to dinosaur tracks - large and small - and the muse laughed with glee. The single woman who lived in that lone house just morphed her own story. What if this single female was a bit of a recluse, but was fascinated with the life of past geologic periods and wanted to learn their history through studying fossil remains? A paleontologist who moves to Utah to participate in a major dig. Would she be paired up with someone? And if so, who might that be? And what sort of trouble could he bring into her life? Ah, the possibilities are endless...

The plot needs time to brew, but the skeleton - no pun intended - has been unearthed. The paleontologist's story will have to wait in line, but she'll have her turn. Just like all the others who have jump-started an idea in my brain, her story will beg to be told.

I better get back to work. Come on Ms. Muse, let's get busy.
Until next week, hugs...
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