Footsteps Series

My husband and I are only eleven walks away from completing our year-long 100-walks-in-100-different-places challenge.

Today I'd like to share some shots from one of the secondary joys that have sprung up from doing the challenge.

In order to document our journey, we've always taken the camera with us, snapping pix along the way. It wasn't any stretch at all for our challenge to become a photography project as well, as I'm the main photographer for my writers' group, and always make sure to take pictures of family events.

Several mini series evolved naturally from our challenge. Here are the photos from our Footsteps series within our overall A for Adventure challenge photo series.

At Black Rock Beach, Halifax, Nova Scotia

At Birch Cove Park, Dartmouth

At Victoria Park, Truro

At The Dingle Tower park, Halifax

At Martinique Beach, Eastern Shore

Beside the Museum of Natural History, Halifax

On the DeWolf Park boardwalk, Bedford

Heading back from the Shubie Park trail at the Dartmouth Crossing entrance, Dartmouth


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