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The Right Space by Christine Mazurk 

Do you want to know a secret?

I'm addicted to HGTV! My favorite shows include but are not limited to: Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop, Rehab Addict, Income Property, Color Splash, Brother vs. Brother, and House Hunters. (I said I was addicted, didn't I?)

I love to see what they do to transform the space, whether it's keeping the old charm and adding new elements or a complete gut job. The designers always have a vision and darn if they don't get close to that exact image. I also love to see how the new owners in House Hunters infuse their unique style into their new home. It's always interesting to see what people choose as their signature pieces to fit into their lifestyles.

One thing that puzzles me quite often, I guess because I'm a writer, is the home office. I can't imagine putting my desk up against a wall. Even in my business life, if I had a window, I turned my desk to watch the world. If there wasn't a window, I turned my desk to face the door, so I could greet anyone coming in to see me.

                                                                                Whether I work from my home office or a temporary space while traveling, I find it vital to have a view. Watching people go by, looking at the ocean, the mountains, anything in nature that will keep my muse on her toes helps me write compelling scenes and natural settings.

What's more inspiring than watching the wind bend the tree branches, the rain spattering the sidewalks, or on a sunny day, people walking their dogs, who trot happily along side, tails wagging as they head to the park for an hour of fun?

Do you have a home office? I'd love to hear about it. When sitting at your desk, what do you see?

Until next week, I'm going to enjoy watching the world go by.






  1. My desk faces the wall for several reasons, most of which are practical and space related. The one clincher is, my window faces the door. I hate having my back to the door.

    In my ideal office, I'd have a winged, swivel chair that I could swing around to look out on a view of water and/or trees. I'd have a built in padded bench with file box sized cubbyholes for current files. The boxes could sit on the bench when I needed them, otherwise the bench would be for putting my feet up on when I took a break from my computer screen to enjoy the view, or just day dream for a while.

  2. Interesting Alison. Sounds like you are and would make the most out of your space!
    Keep writing and enjoying what you do where you do it.


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