Blowing My Own Horn - by Alison Bruce

Unaccustomed as I am to bragging...

Really I am. One of the hardest things for me to do as an author is market myself. (As a communications professional, however, I have no problem helping others market themselves.) This week, however, I really do have to share my success.

First of all, I've received some mighty fine back packs for my work on the Arthur Ellis Awards. It is always nice to be appreciated. If you happen to be a fan of mysteries, check out the winners and finalists, or just look up a few books by author, title or category on the Crime Writers of Canada website. (See? There I go promoting other people again.)

When I got home, the day after the awards gala, I found out that the anthology, Rawhide 'N' Roses, that I have a story in (I bet you guessed that) is a finalist in RONE Awards. The very next day, I learned that my two books that were finalists in the Easychair Competition did not win. BUT I had two books in the top five Mystery/Crime category. That's so cool! (Deadly Legacy placed second and A Bodyguard to Remember placed fourth.)

At this point, I'd like to apologize to any of you who follow me on Facebook because you must know all this stuff now. I promise to be more humble tomorrow... or at least try. But not yet, because a good friend reminded me of something else. Before it was published, my first book, Under A Texas Star, was a finalist in the Text Novel Contest.

So, I may not be an award-winning author... yet... but four times a finalist isn't bad at all.


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    1. Thanks Allan! In the meantime, I'll enjoy whatever kudos come my way.

    2. Thanks Christine! I was just checking for comments here and left a short essay on your post.


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