Cuddly Kitty

My Day

by Christine Mazurk

I've been in my writing cave this week, not paying attention to much of what's happening in the world, other than all the celebrity splits that have been announced recently. I'm saddened by these divorces. Love is supposed to conquer everything. 

Yes, I'm a romantic at heart. I still feel butterflies in my stomach when I look at my husband. I'm blessed to have him in my life. Not a day goes by that I don't thank the Heavens for him!! 

My heart hurts when I hear of the people who kill gorgeous animals for trophies. I love all animals, could never imagine hurting one. Cats, dogs, bunnies - they're  all cute. How could you not love their sweet faces? 

Speaking of sweet. As I take a break from my writing to post this, my little fluffy fur-baby is cuddled on my lap. I woke up this morning with her cuddled on my chest, her paws resting on my shoulders, her face against my neck. Love swells in my heart at the unconditional love she shares. 

I'm working on a few emotional scenes today, and I think Tango knows it. That's why she giving me extra love today, not that she doesn't give me loving everyday. But today she's extremely cuddly.  

Every once in a while, she'll look up at me, blink her honey-golden eyes, and rest a paw on my arm. I look at her sweet, sweet face and think, I love you so much!!  Then she curls into what we call her cinnamon bun position, her head tucked against my side and purrs so loudly, her brother comes in to investigate. He pats my leg to get my attention, then hops on the desk to watch me work.

I kiss them both on the head and get back to work. 

Until next week, enjoy the love that surrounds you.

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