The Packing and Logistics of Making a Move

by Christine Mazurk

Am I moving? No. So why am I writing about moving? You see, I live not far from Washington University and since my desk faces the street, it's been a parade of students moving in and out of the apartment buildings on my block. Back to school in all of its glory!  

I marvel at the inefficiency of these kids. Just yesterday, I watched two young men throw loose items into open boxes and without closing the flaps, load the boxes onto the back bed of a pick up truck. Nothing was tied down, nothing was secure. My imagination took flight as I pictured their belongings doing the same when they drove away.  

Trip after trip into the building, these two returned with one small item each, which they pitched into the truck bed along with the open boxes. A tiny side table, an alarm clock. A mirror, a picture frame. Three belts, six pairs of shoes. I watched, fascinated, as an arm load of clothes joined the rest. How many hours would it take to empty the apartment? Then I thought about the process in reverse when they got to the other end. I couldn't help but laugh.

Male or female, it makes no difference. What a waste of time and energy.

In the last twenty years, we've moved at least twelve times. Households not apartments. We pack each room and label the boxes, tape them shut, and load them onto the truck. At the other end, we unload boxes into appropriate rooms, and unpack. Pretty simple. Very efficient.  

During our last move, we unpacked the entire house and then had a party. How is that possible? Planning, organizing, and logistics can make a world of difference in a move.

Maybe I should open a business to help these students with their moves...

Until next week, I'm enjoying the show.






  1. When we moved the entire family came from every where to help. We (including the kids 5 years old and up helped. They worked with one of the family that had done it before and did what they were told when they were told to do it. No exceptions for dates, movies, friends plans(they knew when moving day was) and most didn't want to be left out because it is fun when aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents friends are all there and adults are working with you so you feel grown up. Then we all ate the mountains of food everyone brought home made or picked up at a store.

    How sad for them they don't know how to move and have none of the satisfaction you get from being a part of a group and accomplish something. Attitude Moms and Dads it is all in the attitude you have about learning how to do stuff that is a part of living.


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