Can one kiss lead to true love? KISSING HOLLYWOOD by @MonicaCollier #amreading #romance #comedy

TODAY'S REVOLVING BOOK is the contemporary inspirational romance KISSING HOLLYWOOD. by MONICA COLLIER.

PUBLISHER: Red Press Co.
Alexandria Casey, thirty-five, just had a reality check. Life didn't go as she expected once she said 'I do.' After her divorce, Alex meets someone new. He's twenty-eight, British, a television star, and determined to make her notice him. She would rather hide from the paparazzi and the microscope they bring upon his personal life. Will she give in to his pursuit and learn to love once more?

“Every time I hear, ‘And they lived happily ever after’ and Tinkerbell comes out with her magic wand to end the movie, I feel like reaching for the bug spray and a fly swatter.” - Alexandria Casey

"In this inspirational and inspiring romance, North Carolina writer and caterer Alex Casey falls for British actor Parker Grey, who’s visiting her town to celebrate a friend’s engagement. Collier infuses a sweet innocence and old-fashioned values into this contemporary, which has two flawed protagonists trying to move past a boatload of issues: media gossip, past mistakes, and Alex’s minor preoccupation with being 35 to Parker’s 28. Both Alex and Parker have their share of issues, but they’re also both refreshingly positive and appealing. Their attraction to each other is gradually developed and based on common values, such as their mutual interest in improving their relationships with God. The few displays of physical affection are modest. The plot, like the characters, never gets too weighed down with drama or religious jargon. The natural evolution of the protagonists reinforces the theme of faith and destiny and also the power of personal choice, making this an uplifting read." Agent: Carolyn Martin


Monica Collier is a southern romance and military fiction author. She
writes heartwarming romantic suspense, with emotionally compelling
characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page
Monica's emotional journeys are geographic, family oriented, have strong
female characters, and incorporate Biblical principles in modern life.
Her books have been recommended by active and retired military
personnel, Pastors, professional women and several print venues. When
she's not writing, Monica enjoys helping others navigate the writing and
publishing world through author programs via Red Press Co., her
publisher, and traveling as much as possible.


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